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One-stop-shop for European-Asian offshore renewable energy

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

ORANGE DELTA PTE LTD and BLUESPRING have joined forces to offer a one-stop shop for European-Asian offshore renewable energy projects.

This strategic collaboration allows both partners to use their complementary expertise to identify offshore renewable energy opportunities in Europe and Asia. Both parties have a solid track record initiating, financing, and managing complex offshore projects.

Together they can help clients advance their technology and demonstrate its potential.

‘The development of offshore renewable energy solutions is expected to grow exponentially over the next decade. Offshore renewable energy will become the next big contributor towards a global net-zero ambition in 2050. ‘The renewable energy sources of tomorrow are on standby in our oceans waiting to be exploited for the benefit of all', says Peter Scheijgrond, managing director of BLUESPRING.

ORANGE DELTA and BLUESPRING will work together to create new business opportunities in Asia and Europe for their respective partners and clients.

‘We aim to roll out and get steel in the water’, says Hugo Heitling Managing Director of Singapore-based Orange Delta. ‘It lies within our expertise area to support the fabrication, installation method engineering, and offshore installation of offshore projects in Asian waters. We will build on our strong relations with international and regional stakeholders to offer bespoke services to our clients”.

While wind and solar are available 30% of the time, tidal and wave energy can complement them thanks to the more distributed production profiles. This also offsets future needs for energy storage. Another welcome benefit of offshore renewable energy solutions, especially for vulnerable deltas, is the possibility to integrate wave and tidal energy generation in breakwater and storm surge barriers. In this way, climate mitigation meets climate adaption to showcase the versatile and adaptable nature of marine energies.

With their unprecedented combined expertise, ORANGE DELTA and BLUESPRING are firmly set on opening opportunities and sharing their know-how with sector peers to speed up the market introduction, support project delivery, and implement certification services.

ORANGE DELTA PTE LTD is a Singapore based multi-disciplinary offshore consultancy company providing technical, commercial, and project management support to the offshore energy industry

BLUESPRING is a Dutch-based expert in offshore renewable energy with a strong international network and an unprecedented track record in financing and delivering wave and tidal energy projects toward TRL 9.

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