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Bluespring is a consultancy and project agency for ocean renewable energy. We are the ones who speed up, test and prove ORE tech potential and readiness utilizing our access to public and private funds.

We form a think tank and knowledge center for ocean energy technology, integrated solutions, new developments and sector education.

Ready to help with your blue business


Advancing innovations up to Technology Readiness Level 9

Bluespring helps you to turn your ideas into successfully funded projects, moving your innovation towards Technology Readiness Level 9

Leading environmental monitoring & certification activities

Bluespring sets up multi-disciplinary teams to address potential environmental impacts of a project or to de-risk your technology through certification activities

Training and educating in offshore renewable energy

Bluespring partners up with national and international education partners to develop high-quality content for teaching students and professionals or re-skilling the existing workforce.

Developing holistic solutions that address both climate mitigation and adaptation

Bluespring supports you in developing  solutions for problems that require both climate mitigation (clean energy) and adaptation (combating sea-level rise, floods, coastal erosion).

Work with us


Each contact starts with getting to know each other. What do you want to achieve? We master the process of successfully initiating, financing and managing projects. Let's explore how we can be of service to you.

Do give us a call or e-mail us and we start connecting.

Route to market

Depending on what you need we can guide you to improve  your system performance, cost ratio, reliability and safety.


Bluespring has the skills and commitment to move your innovations towards Technology Readiness Level 9. Moreover: we have a track-record to prove it.

Bluespring delivers

* Project design & realization
* Result driven management

* Site development
* Bankable solutions

* Oversee certification

* Technology assessment & qualification
* Integrated solutions e.g. hybrid energy solutions,  dam & bridges, ports, flood control, autonomous power.

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