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Exploring Bluespring projects along the Dutch coast

This summer, I explored the Dutch coast by sailing and cycling, visiting significant projects along the way that Bluespring has a hand in.

Join my journey in this a 2.5-minute video highlighting the following projects:

  1. Tocardo Tidalpower plant: A project initiated in 2000, completed in 2015 and continuously powering the grid

  2. Barrier Impact Study: An analysis of potential impacts on stability, seabed, sediment flow, and marine life

  3. Floating Tidal Turbine: near the Islands of Texel

  4. Transfer of Lessons learned benefiting SEAQURRENT's TidalKite pilot near Ameland

  5. Multi-use at offshore wind farms: collaborations with Oceans of Energy to demonstrate that their technology can be integrated with offshore wind farms.

Stay tuned for more updates on Bluespring's journey in the energy transition, which is taking place offshore, that's for sure!

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