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Energizing Coastal Regions with Offshore Renewable Energy

Energizing Coastal Regions with Offshore Renewable Energy (ENCORE) such as wave and tidal energy and harvesting solar energy at sea. Bluespring is the initiator and lead partner of the ENCORE project.

Energy solutions for islands, harbors, estuaries and offshore structures

Europe’s waters are an untapped source of renewable energy able to deliver 25% of our energy demand by 2050. The 2Seas region is uniquely positioned: The Channel, North Sea and Delta's connect the regions and store abundant and unexploited energy from sun, wind, tides, currents and waves. This Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) can power households and industry.


  • bankable solutions,

  • jobs,

  • export opportunities,

  • increased competitiveness,

  • contribution to cleaner climate.


The aim of the ENCORE project is to advance four offshore renewable energy technologies (wave, tidal, river and solar) in a structured and collaborative process and to develop open-source tools & services to facilitate the accelerated commercialization of offshore energy solutions for islands, harbors, estuaries and integration in multi-source offshore farms.

Partners and funding

ENCORE is initiated and managed by Lead Partner Bluespring and receives funding from the Interreg 2 Seas programme 2014-2020, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund under subsidy contract No 2S08-004. Also, the provinces of South and North Holland and Zeeland are offering financial support. Other partners are the University of Ghent, Water2Energy, Teamwork Technology, Oceans of Energy, EEL Energy, Bureau Veritas, European Marine Energy Centre, Artelia, Deftiq, Dutch Marine Energy Centre, Inyanga Marine Projects.

For more information, go to the project website at

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