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Offshore For Sure

Five developers of promising offshore energy solutions are joining forces in Offshore For Sure (O4S), supported by specialists from Belgium and the Netherlands. These projects represent innovative solutions from technology developers with a proven track record in the fields of tidal energy, wave energy, offshore floating solar energy, and energy storage.

Accelerating Offshore Energy Transition

In the coming years, renewable energy at sea will receive a significant boost. Fifteen partners from Flanders and the Netherlands are pooling their expertise in the Offshore For Sure project to test five promising energy solutions and enhance their applicability in the energy system. The project’s objective is to accelerate the energy transition at sea and drive the sustainable blue economy in collaboration with knowledge institutions, regional, and societal organizations. The Interreg Flanders-Netherlands program for 2021-2027 supports this collaboration.

Role of Bluespring in Offshore For Sure

As the project coordinator of Offshore For Sure, Bluespring assumes a key role in steering the collaborative efforts of the project. By creating excellent visual and written content and organizing impactful events, Bluespring aims to raise awareness and societal support for innovative offshore renewable energy both regionally and internationally. Bluespring takes the lead in transferring valuable experience about realizing pilot projects, guiding technology developers through crucial aspects like project development, intellectual property, environmental monitoring, and certification issues.

Reinforcing its reputation as an industry leader, Bluespring contributes to the development and demonstration of cutting-edge technologies in real-world sea conditions. Recognizing the human factor in the energy transition, Bluespring aims to foster cross-border collaboration between educators and create new training content.

Through the Offshore For Sure project, Bluespring aims to catalyze a paradigm shift in public perception and policy support, positioning itself as a key player in the global transition to integrated sustainable offshore energy solutions.


During the three-year duration of the project, the project partners will invest more than 10 million euros in the Flemish-Dutch border region. This investment is made possible in part by the European Interreg Flanders-Netherlands program and co-financiers. The consortium believes that these offshore energy solutions will contribute to a smarter, greener, and more co-operative Europe.

Demonstration projects

The five demonstration projects represent innovative solutions from technology developers with a proven track record and a clear plan for deployment in the fields of tidal energy, wave energy, offshore floating solar energy, and energy storage:

  • Wave energy from Dutch Wave Power

  • Tidal energy from Water2Energy Projects

  • Offshore solar from Oceans of Energy

  • Energy storage simulation from FLASC

  • Smart asset management and predictive maintenance of tidal turbines from Tocardo

Knowledge and expertise partners

For their developments, the technology developers can rely on the knowledge and expertise of partners Bluespring, World Class Maintenance, International Marine & Dredging Consultants, Ecopower, Rijkswaterstaat, Parkwind, Ghent University, HOWEST, Deftiq, and the Zeeland Environmental Federation.

Collaboration Focused on Three Domains

Activities in the project have strong ties to the regions where they are conducted and have both local and international impact. Therefore, we are developing various services for different groups to maximize the gained experience and apply it internationally.

Policy & Public Engagement

As a significant portion of the developments take place at sea, outside the view of residents and their living environment, we aim to involve people in the projects, exchange knowledge, and thereby increase support and awareness. We work closely with nature and environmental organizations, cooperatives, and similar projects.


We are developing learning trajectories, including online and hybrid courses, based on the knowledge acquired during the project’s implementation. We promote student exchange and establish collaboration between educational partners in Flanders and the Netherlands.


We are working on certification services for testing in laboratories and at sea to ensure the efficiency and robustness of the developed systems.

Sustainable Perspective

The yield of our offshore energy transition is assessed by three types of end users: governments, project developers, and citizen cooperatives. Through their approval of our business cases, we attract further investments for both technology and projects. This should lead to bankable projects for the future, contributing to economic growth in the region and creating new jobs in the sustainable blue economy.


Funding organisations


Stay informed & involved

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