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Worldwide potential Energy from Water

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

This map is part of a series of four maps showing the worldwide potential for tidal, wave, OTEC and Salinity Gradi- ent power. Each map illustrates areas of high concentration of energy with a light colour for tidal, wave and OTEC and yellow dots for SGP. The circles show actual potentials for technical installed capacity in GW for a country or group of countries. In some countries a feed-in tariff maybe available, which is indicated as well.

For tidal energy it can be observed that areas of high concentration are very site specific: around deltas and islands, restricted passages and basins. High wave energy density can be found north and south of +/-50 degrees latitude in combination with large oceans, where the strong winds transfer their energy into waves. OTEC shows best poten- tial in warmer waters, which can be found near the equator in combination with deep oceans. SGP potential occurs in places where fresh river water discharges into sea water.

The values in the maps have been collected from a wide variety of papers, articles, books and online resource. The methodology behind establishing these values is unlikely to be consistent. Therefore the values should only be used indicative and should always be verified for any academic or professional project.

The maps have been made by Bluespring (formely MET-support) for the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) as part of the Dutch Marine Energy Centre project. This work has been supported by the European Regional Development Fund “Kansen voor West” programme.

20160916 Maps with Worldwide Potentials
Download • 21.00MB

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