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Registration participation in
joint cross-border actions


This form is designed to register the attendance details of individuals participating in Offshore For Sure events. Kindly submit any supporting documentation for these communication actions on our Google Drive for Offshore For Sure.  

Communication actions

Involved partners
Type of event
Event meets the following requirements
Work package involved:

Thank you!

(i) Count all registered individuals at demonstration activities. Employees of project partners can be considered and counted as audience only if they are not directly involved in the project. 


(ii) ​PSI-R2:. This indicator counts the number of individuals or organisations considering adoption of the demonstrated O4S techniques and/or any other innovative approaches that are aligned with Specific Objective B2 Renewable Energy. A post-activity survey or enquiry is conducted to count this number. Names should be registered.

(iii) If an activity on one side of the border doesn't target the other, clarify the involvement of partners from the other side, preferably through a representative.

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