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Westerschelde tidal stream turbine demonstrator

Vertical axis tidal turbine demonstrated from 2009-2012 in the Westerschelde

The C-Energy demonstrator was installed on a jetty owned by Zeeland Refinery in the Westerschelde. The rotor had a diameter of 5 x 5 meters deep (1:2 scale) with a rated power of 30kWp. This C-Energy project had the objective to:

  1. Demonstrate the economic viability of energy generation from tidal flows.

  2. Gain experiences with all the stages of development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of a near shore device.

  3. Monitor and analyze the operational behaviour and performance of the system.

The C-energy project was lead by Peter Scheijgrond on behalf of Ecofys in partnership with the municipality of Borsele, the province of Zeeland, Zeeuwse Milieu Federatie, Energy cooperative Zeewind, Huisman Equipment, Vekoma, Van der Straaten, and Istimewa, a Stork company.

The project received funding from the ERDF OP-Zuid programme from 2008-2011.

In 2012 the C-Energy project, the Wave Rotor patents and funding and rights to develop a project in the Eastern Scheldt Storm barrier were sold to IHC Merwede as part of a spin-out deal. A few years later, all rights were bought by Tocardo.

Structural Design Analysis of a novel Tidal Turbine, Stefan Mieras, Turaj Ashuri, Gerard van Bussel, Peter Scheijgrond

Tidal Times eindrapport C-Energy project
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